(recorded in Kalashni-studio - october 2007)

This project was born for a collaboration with the painter Claudia: it's a soundtrack for an ipotethic exposition of her cycle of paintings called "Holes"! Claudia's paintings are very impressive and we tried to give an interpretation of that big and dark holes.

PSYKOLOGIST KRIGFORING, Soundrack for a Norvegian Mystery Movie
(recorded in Kalashni-studio - spring 2007)

This is a tribute to one of the favourite Kalashnikov music genre: the movie-soundtrack! Here you can find an echo of De Angelis Brothers and Enrico Morricone dressed in mystery...it's just a divertissment of Sarta, Puj and Don.

(recorded in Kalashni-studio - winter 2006)

It's a concept about war: Gashadokuro experience it's like a crust album slowed to infinite, rough, hard and suggestive. If you start to use your immagination listening to that music, you can taste the real feelings of war-horrors.

101% ODIO, An old crust-core band with Kalashnikov members
(recorded in Kalashni-studio - autumn 2004)

This is our first band, a mix of rotten-crust and old-hardcore! 101% Odio were born when we were teenagers at school: we were young and ugly...Here you can find an anthology of all the unreleased stuff of 101% Odio: ruins on your ears!