- 28 November 2007 -
Hi friends! Cheak the "Projects" sections, you will find something interesting, eh, eh....

- 10 October 2007 -
Hello! Here in Kalashnikov collective home things are goin' well! You can find some news in the "Other Projects" section (uuuhhh!!!) and 2 gigs in Milano & Turin with our french friends Abhora: be there!!!!

- 14 July 2007 -
Hi guys, our new album "Dreams for Super-defeated-heroes is finally out ! I hope that you will enjoy our new sound, it's romantic punk once again but more "free", eh, eh.....Download a couple of songs from "releases" sections !
A big hug !

- 15 June 2007 -
Hi ! Our fourth album called "Dreams for Super-Defeated-Heroes" is near to be out ! Soon I will upload a couple of songs from it, just to have a bit of our new sound. Soon we will go to France for some gigs organized by our friend Clive, it will be another DIY experience from Kalashnikov Collective, eh, eh....More news later !!!
Bye !!!

- 18 March 2007 -
Hi guys ! Sorry for the long silence, we are still very busy with the work about our new album !
We are also preparing two gigs in Greece (Patra & Athens), organized by our friends there.
I think that it will be a good experience, eh, eh...

- 13 October 2006 -
Actually, Kalashnikov collective are recording 9 new songs for the next album that will be out for spring '07.

- 2 October 2006 -
As you can see in the mainbar, we have made a new section called Kalashnikov Collective Headquarter !
It's a blog-section with news and infos about our past & future project and Kalashnikov world. It's only italian language, but I hope that you will enjoy it anyway !

- 17 September 2006 -
Hi guys, this is the KALASHNIKOV collective website !
Here you can find the complete discography of the best romantic-punk band of ever, you can download our three albums for free ! Then there are infos about gigs, releases, line-up and other stuff.
Have a good navigation and contact us if you want, we are very happy to get in touch with people from all around the world, make trades and organize DIY projects !
See ya friends !!!