"Romantic songs of dissidence"
(recorded between march-november 2000)

"Song about amore and revolution"
(recorded between april-december 2002)

"Rebels of the neon gods" mini-ep

(recorded in november 2003)

"Music is a gun loaded with future "
(recorded between february-june 2005)

"Dreams about Super-defeated-heroes"
(recorded between january-june 2007)

"Angoscia rock "
(recorded between august-november 2008)

"Living in a psycho-chaos era"
(recorded between august-december 2009)

"Vampirizzati oggi"
(recorded in december 2010)

"La città dell'ultima paura"
(recorded between august-december 2011)

"Come il soffitto di una chiesa bombardata"
(recorded between august-december 2013)

Unreleased songs